About Us

We provide Risk Consultancy and real time Threat Assessments to Sports Governing bodies, National Federations, Player Associations, Teams and Individuals.

The Sports Risk Group works extensively in many of the countries which make up the Asian Sub-continent, including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, as well as in the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand.

Sports Risk understands that there is no unique solution to dealing with threats to the security of our client’s operations, events and personnel. All of our assignments are considered on an individual basis and subsequent programmes are tailor-made to fit the client’s need.

Our core business covers four major areas of Sport Event Management these are

  • Security
  • Integrity and Anti-Corruption in Sport
  • Risk Management and Threat Assessments
  • Provision of Medical Services

For all of the four main areas we offer the following;

  • Program formation, Implementation and Management
  • Training, Auditing and Assessment
  • Professional staff with proven expertise in their specific areas