Sports Risk will provide your organization with comprehensive Threat and Risk Assessments, Security Management and Audit services. Our Risk Matrix considers various possibilities, the likelihood of such an occurrence and the potential impact on our clients operations.

The challenge faced in providing a comprehensive Security program to Sporting Governing bodies and Sporting Organizations is establishing and demonstrating an absolute need for a professional program as opposed to simply paying lip service to identified or potential problems.

Against a backdrop of increasing concerns on the impact of terrorism on international and domestic sport, Sorts Risk provides consultancy services including the assessing of security measures for events, the auditing of Security providers outputs, the formation and implementation of risk minimization strategies in relation to security in sport issues. Sports Risk provide highly trained and experienced consultants for large scale sporting events, national federations, governing bodies and teams.

A number of our clients regularly host events or compete in many geographic areas which have ingrained domestic instability, political or ideological divisions or which present serious security related challenges for organizers of high profile sporting events.

An integral part of our business is providing an on ground security presence taking care of our clients’ needs and wellbeing.  Our highly trained and skilled personnel have honed their experience in locations as varied as Afghanistan, Iraq, Indonesia & the Middle East and have the skill set to provide with any level of protection required. Our staff in this area are sourced from military and law enforcement agencies globally and are experts in their respective fields.