The public, sponsors and competitors need to know the outcome of contests are determined wholly by the application of skill by the competitors. If the perception or indeed the reality is that a sport is tainted by any corrupt practice which effect results or influences actions within sporting contests then there is a real danger of that sport becoming a pariah within the sporting community.
Sports Risk can provide you with world best practice to help in protecting your organization against different sources of integrity risk.

At Sports Risk we implement a robust proactive training regime aimed at educating stakeholders in regard to the issues associated with the perceived or actual loss of Integrity in sport. We also provide our substantial client base with a reactive capability to assist them in in the investigation of allegations of impropriety in their respective sporting codes.

The motivating factors for breaches of integrity are common across sport and indeed across industry, greed, need, peer group pressure or competitors who for a variety of reasons have been recruited or coerced into indulging in corrupt practice are common factors we encounter, this is a real time problem that demands real time solutions.